Clink Landscaping & Nursery-Logo Capture

9403 W Michigan Avenue

Saline, MI 48176

(One Quarter Mile West of Saline)

straw straw

Shop for seasonal items too

You will want to come back to Clink Landscaping & Nursery throughout the year for a variety of seasonal items. From fruit trees to fall decorations, we have it all!

  • Corn stalks

  • Firewood (in-stock all season)

  • Pumpkins

  • Straw bales/Haystacks (in-stock all season)

  • Mini bales of straw (in-stock all season)

  • Pie pumpkins

  • Gourds

Decorative items for the fall

Assorted colors of daylilies are available for just $5.00 (1gal.)

Ask which seasonal items are available